Our cost break down and how that compares to others

Often our customers are unaware of some of the extra costs that rubbish collection may bring. Aside from the manpower and the costs of running a truck, there are tipping fees and these can really add up! These tipping fees usually vary per tip, and sometimes on the material that is being disposed of as well. 

At Absolute Rubbish & Recycling Co. we use the tip that is closest to the site where we clear  the rubbish from. This is to keep our hourly rate low, as well as our impact on the planet. On average, tipping fees are $250 per tonne + GST.  This can be cheaper or more expensive depending on material (greenwaste, rubble, or household waste). Additional individual costs are added for specific items such as tyres, mattresses & televisions, these prices also vary per tip. Some items such as polystyrene or paint containers (whether empty or not)  are not even accepted at the general tip and will have to be disposed of at recycling centres which will also incur higher costs.  

We also remove household appliances from $55 for each first appliance. The price depends on the appliance and number of appliances to be removed. 

As you can see, the price can vary depending on the weight and size of your rubbish, as well as on the material and location. To get as accurate a quote as possible, it therefore pays to contact us with as many details as you can, and preferably a picture or short video so we get a good idea of what we are looking at.  

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Our fees broken down

Large jobs of rubbish clearance, demolition and underhouse clearing

This fee covers physical labour, truck hireage,  insurance, and travel between your location and the  tip/disposal sites, charity shops and recycling centres. 

1 x man and truck $70 an hour

2 x men and truck $110 an hour

plus the cost of disposal.

Cost of disposal varies and is dependant on your local refuse transfer station and can be up to $250 a tonne

We may also add a $20 - $30 call-out fee, depending on your location. 

Underhouse clearing is charged at 2 x men and truck hourly rate at a minimum of 4 hours

Appliance collection, single items and small domestic collections

We have teamed up with  Appliance Recycling Ltd for the collection of all appliances.

Single standard domestic appliances are $55 per appliance add $10 per extra appliance.

Larger appliances such as double door fridges are $65.

Commercial appliances are charged at a higher rate as they are generally much larger. contact us for pricing.

There may be an extra fee dependant on where you are located.

Domestic rubbish that's in a pile at the end of your driveway, ready to go and only requiring us to pull up at the side of it, is charged by the cubic metre:

2 cubic metres $150

3 cubic metres $225

4 cubic metres $300

5 cubic metres $375

This doesn't include green waste & concrete/bricks.

Single items are between $55 & $150 dependant on what it is: whether it can be donated or recycled/upcycled or taken to the refuse station and disposed of.



We do not take hazardous goods like asbestos and chemicals.

Tyres have an extra charge and items like paint can have a limit on how much a tip will accept. Please contact us if you have large amounts of things like paint and tyres, as these can be recycled but do incur different costs.

Absolute Rubbish vs skip bins/flexi bins

A small skip bin can cost around $250 for a 3 cubic metre bin with a max load of 1.5 tonnes. Anything over that can be $165 extra. The bigger the skip, the higher the cost, you load it yourself and then everything in it just goes to landfill.

Flexi bags are large single use plastic bags. Not great for the planet, as it goes straight to landfill. A flexi bag costs up to $160 to buy the bag and have it collected, and if it's overloaded or difficult to reach they will not be removed.

Both of the above sit on your drive or lawn until they are collected. With a skip it can be a week and unscrupulous people can see this as a "free for all" and dump their rubbish into it.

We take the hassle out of dealing with these issues. We will come to your site, remove the rubbish the same day, and tidy up after ourselves. We also  seperate what does and doesn't need to go to landfill.

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